Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a refund?

There are no refunds. A user will be granted admittance to another show on the website if the error is proven to be due to the company’s website by a customer service agent.

What Happens if My Event is Cancelled?

You will be notified immediately that the event is canceled. Users will receive immediate credit for another show on the site.

How Do I Contact Customer Service?

 The CWC staff is only available by email. All inquiries may be directed to the following contact email address: Contact@CouchWillCall.com

How Do I Find Out if My Event is Cancelled/Postponed or Rescheduled?

Check our Event Status Page. You can also search for your event and review the “Please Note” or “More Info” section to confirm the status of your event. We’ll also be sure to contact you by email once we receive official confirmation of any event changes.

How Do I View The Show?
A link will be emailed to you before show time on the show day. Shows air one time only. Please check the timezone of your show.

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